About Us

Started in 1996 by Joseph Sylvia;  a Master Factory Trained GM Technician after a request to repair an old International 1600 farm truck used for corn chopping that broke down on the side of the road one late afternoon. The local repair shop could not “fix it” leaving the farmer stranded with a full load of chopped corn. Joe realized that nothing breaks down in a garage, nice and clean. After saving this local farmer and his crop, Joe was asked back to rewire a few dairy delivery vans for interior lighting and then some welding and repairs on the tractors and other implements. From that point forward he was hooked on how various materials from food, packages, and lumber were moved. What happened “behind the scenes”, hidden from the public view? Have you ever looked at something and wondered, “How do they do that?” well Joe did! He saw a need in this market space that he could fill at that point Sylvia Engineering was formed.

Fast Forward to the present, Joe has grown the company to a family of workers that are trained and ready to serve the farm and construction community. Some of our customers include: Airgas USA, the Norwich Lumber Company, the United States Postal Service, Air Gas, ABCO Welding Supply Company, The US Navy, The USGS, and The United States Coast Guard Academy. ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover: Girard Family home. The L&M Hospital, The William J. Backus Hospital, EMCOR Customer Solution’s Center, Southern New England Telephone, Dinex International, Carlisle Inc., AT&T and Warner Fleet Services.