Our services include a variety of repairs common and not so common in the field. Over the last 18years we have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects.This has allowed us to gear our Service Trucks accordingly to meet the customers’ needs and expectations, no matter what that might be. In addition we have the availability to source or cross source most parts. Since a majority of equipment repair is performed in the field, our emphasis is on a strong mobile service, but should the need arise shop services are available.

Material handling onsite repairs including installing, repairing and maintaining man doors, impact doors and fork lift curtains.
Install, repair and maintaining all brand loading dock scissor lifts and dock levelers. Even unrecognizable lifts are no match.
Mobile welding and fabrication in our 18ft Service van. We offer MIG (wire feed), TIG (for precise repairs) and Stick welding (thick or rusty metals)
Custom cutting and removal of equipment using either mobile Plasma, Oxygen / Acetylene gas cutting or mechanical wheel.
Hydraulic hose fabrication – We have over $5,000 worth of fittings alone at all times.
Hydraulic cylinder resealing
Electric motor and control repairs and fabrication including remote pendant fabrication and replacements.
Dock bumper and dock curtain installs, modifications and repairs.
Fork lift truck repairs and maintenance including Dry and wet PMs.
Guard rail and baluster repairs, hand railings and security cage installation.
Dock leveler and scissor lift floor replacement, hinge replacement and guard rail repairs.
If you are planning on moving to a new facility, let us quote moving your dock equipment for you.

Custom ramp and bridge plate fabrication
Electric motor rebuilding
Hydraulic cylinder repairs
Sandblasting, painting and rebuilding of dock lifts and scissor lifts; old does not always mean “you need to replace it.”

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